Astrophotographs of Calar Alto

The material presented in this section is part of the POP 123 project, driven by the Foundation Descubre (Andalusian institution for the outreach of the scientific knowledge). This project aims at letting the general public know about the astronomical data acquisition, ranging from the instrumentati on itself to the staff responsible for the gathering of raw data. This way, the general public can learn the basic principles of imaging in astronomy, beyond the communication of astronomical information at a professional level from highly reduced and analysed data.

For this purpose, this project makes use of a professional telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA). The observatory has allocated to this project 60 observing nights per year using the 1.23m Zeiss Telescope to obtain images of both, scientific and aesthetic value.

DESCUBRE gives some of this observing time to the Documentary School of Astrophotography (DSA) lead by the astro-photographer Vicent Peris. Every image produced under this project is jointly owned by CAHA, DESCUBRE, and DSA, with the collaboration of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia (OAUV). Despite the youth of this project, it has already been awarded with the «Astronomy Picture of the Day» (NASA) by the fourth time.